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Important Food Vendor Requirements

All vendors who intend to sell any type of food at the Market must be licensed with the Government Services Centre. This is a new policy requested by the GSC as part of our food safety policy development process.

Please fill out this document and email it to Sharon Williams at williams@gov.nl.ca after which you will be contacted by an official of the GSC to determine which license you will need.

Decisions about receiving a license will not simply be based on information in your form. A GSC representative will discuss your operations with you, make suggestions and discuss options with you before any decision is made. Should you need to make any adjustments, you can re-apply once they are done. GSC have assured us they will do their best to get everyone through the process successfully by the time you want to vend at the Market.

Questions regarding the process can be directed to Sharon at 729-0248.

[PDF version of the document]


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