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Working/Volunteering at the market: an International Student perspective

A letter from our summer student Masood Razavi to other internationals in St. John’s on the benefits of volunteering at our market. Thank you Masood for all your hard work and your cheery disposition!

Thank You St. John’s Farmers Market!!!

I am an international graduate student at MUN who worked at St. John’s Farmers Market this summer and volunteered this fall. I will try to explain what an amazing experience it is.

It gives you the opportunity to communicate with local people as well as different communities in the city. I think this is an excellent way that you can be familiar with your new neighborhood and explore the Newfoundlanders culture. All of the market’s staffs and vendors are so friendly and do their best to match with you in your tasks. In this way, you can experience a real team work! Moreover, vendors usually appreciate your help and promote their fresh and natural products.

I really enjoyed working and volunteering at the market and recommend that to all of the students who chose St. John’s as their new home.

Masood Razavi


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