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Meet our new Manager

We are pleased to introduce Margaret Graves, our brand new Market Manager for the 2013 season. We’ll all get to know Margaret a little better in the coming months but until then, here she is in her own words:

Hello fellow market enthusiasts! My name is Margaret Graves and I’ll be managing the market for the 2013 season.

I moved to CBS in January to join my partner, who moved to Newfoundland during my 16-month stay in Tanzania, East Africa. There, I worked as an advisor with a grassroots farmers’ organisation in a rural area near the border with Rwanda and Uganda, hemmed in by Lake Victoria. After nearly a year and a half as a Cuso International volunteer in Tanzania, I’m ready for a new challenge with a lovely organisation (SJFM!), closing the gap between farms and the city.

Local food has been an interest of mine since I studied agriculture at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College (now Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture). Growing up in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, my studies were an eye-opener to me, as I began to see how disconnected many people are from their food. Since then I’ve worked in agricultural research, as a wwoofer on farms in North America and the UK, and in rural development internationally in East and West Africa.

I can’t wait to see vendor applications, see all the smiling faces at the first market, and learn what the SJFM community is all about!


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