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CBC NL story on Goats in the City

Below is a piece that ran on CBC recently, showing the FEASt workshop “Goats in the City” that was held at the market on July 6. Watch the video linked below and read the accompanying article, either here on on cbc.ca/nl

Goats in the City – click to watch the video

At the St. John’s Farmers Market this weekend, a local couple brought their two pet goats, Goldie and Maple, to talk to people about their experience raising the animals in the downtown area of St. John’s.

Lisa McBride said she and her husband Steve adopted the animals about five months ago.

“We were kind of looking at what we could possibly do with food security, being what it is these days,” she said.

“It was kind of on a whim. We got them from the classifieds — we had no idea what we were doing, and we were just like ‘All right, let’s go,'” McBride said.

“And you know what, it’s been really easy. They’re really good; they’re just like dogs — dogs that you can milk.”

McBride said they keep the goats in their backyard, which is allowed under the city by-laws as long as you follow the rules.

Goldie provides them with a litre of milk every day, which can also be used to make yogurt and cheese.

According to McBride, upkeep is minimal because the goats mainly eat grass out of the yard and table scraps.

She can take them for walks on their leashes, and they are good around people.

“They’re really social animals, so you can take them pretty much anywhere,” McBride said. “They’re good around all types of people they don’t bite and they like crowds.”

McBride is encouraging people to get their own goat if they are thinking about adding a pet to their family.


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