Our 2017 Season runs from June 3 to December 23 at the Lions Club Chalet »

Parking can be limited » Please consider walking, bussing, biking or carpooling to the market

Help us reduce waste » Bring your reusable mugs, tote bags and food containers

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Yes, We’re Open!

NOTE: This post has been updated from the original. You will see the original but incorrect text with a line through it, and the correct text after that.

Part of Bonaventure Avenue near the market is now closed until early December but you can still get in to the Lion’s Club Chalet entrance off of Mayor Avenue- so that means we’re open for business as usual!

Although you can’t get to our entrance from Elizabeth Avenue (including from Whiteway Place or Pine Bud Avenue) you can get to us from other ways.

If you are coming down Bonavenutre from the Georgestown area (passing Brother Rice School), once you get to the Mayor Avenue intersection you can go continue straight across to the entrance to Lion’s Park you can turn into the 95 Bonaventure building (Hanlon Realty, Coast 101.1, etc) parking lot and either park there or continue through the parking lot to Mayor Avenue and access the market entrance that way.

If you are coming from Empire Avenue turn down on to Mayor and you’ll be able to get in to the entrance from there.

Although the traffic situation around the market right now is not ideal there are ways to get to the market and pick up some of your fresh, local produce and artisan goods. We’re open every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. until December 21st.


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