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The Reconstruction Project: St. John’s Farmers’ Market. Heaven.

We discovered a post on local blog The Reconstruction Project about the authors first ever visit to our market. She’s heard about our market for a while and has been to a number of craft markets around town but this blog post documents her first impressions of the market – and leaves her wondering why she waited so long to visit us!

Thanks @LeighAnneONeill for *finally* visiting our market and for sharing the experience on your blog. We hope we see you again soon!

Below is a snippet of the post, and a picture, but please read the entire post on her blog.

I have to admit – up until yesterday I was a St. John’s Farmer’s Market virgin. I’ve been meaning to go, but, never got around to it. I’ve been to my share of the craft fairs… Christmas at the Glacier, All About Her Christmas Fair, Church craft fairs and the list goes on and on… But, the Farmer’s Market? Nope.

I have heard so many people talking about it, I figured I’d drop down to take a look. Since I was under the impression that the Farmer’s Market consisted of just farmers selling vegetables, I assumed I’d be in and out. I thought for sure I’d be there for 10-15 minutes at most.

Nope. Not a chance.

Read the complete entry here…


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