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Farmers’ Profiles: Hender’s Organic Vegetable Farm

Name Farm: Hender’s Organic Vegetable Farm
Location: : Foxtrap, Conception Bay South, NL
Open Since: 1976
Farmers: Frank Hender
Contact: Ph: 709-834-8289
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Area used: 1.5 acres. Outdoors.
Main crops offered at the Market:
Lettuce, carrots, beets, rhubarb, potatoes, kale, turnip, beans, radish, onions, squash, parsnip among others.
Brief history of the Farm by Frank Hender:
This property has been formed by family members for more than 100 years. In 1976 when we took over we continued with the practice of using non-chemicals, manure, fish, kelp and compost to grow vegetables. Over the years we continued to have cattle, horses, chickens and turkeys, and the manure was applied to the soil. Although not certified organic, we still follow the organic farming best practices to produce chemicals free vegetables. ” Frank Hender.
Times of Operation:
Hender’s Organic Vegetable Farm is a vendor at the St. John’s Farmer’s Market from July to December.
The Farm grows the vegetables on outdoors area during the growing season. Therefore weather affects the timing of the crops and they might start a bit later in the season. Frank Hender is usually offering at the Market fresh green produce later in the season as well.

Crops’ Calendar

Production practices:
All the crops are free of chemicals (pesticides, herbicides). Nutrition is based on local and own sources of manure, compost, caplin, kelp and wood ash as a natural source of Potassium. Also, compost tea, bone meal (rich in Phosphorus) and crab shells. Limestone is incorporated to the soil as well. All these practices are based on natural sources of nutrients. The farm avoids using inorganic commercial fertilizers as a main source of macro-nutrients.
Pest and Weeds Control:
Weeds, pests and insects are controlled and prevented by clean, manual and mechanical control such as hand picking, sticky strips, row covers and use of cultivator. Also, this control is combined with the use of BTK (biological control based on Bacillus thuringiensis), propane torch, hoeing and companion planting which it helps not only the pest management, also is a way to grow in harmony with different crops improving nutrition and growing rates. This practice brings benefits to the organic matter of the soil in the long term as well.
Community Involvement:
Hender’s Organic Vegetable Farm is a member of Newfoundland Institute of Agrologists. For more information feel free to contact Frank Hender by email (henderf@nf.sympatico.ca ) or Phone call: 709-834-8289
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