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Farmers’ Profile: Ripple Trail Farm

Name Farm: Ripple Trail Farm Ltd
Location: Markland. Open Since: 1965
Farmer: Karen Durfey
Contact: Ph: 709-759-2024. For orders: 709-685-1360 Email: home.tostay98@gmail.com Website/Link: Facebook’s Page
Area used: 278 acres (95 cleared), Greenhouse (2700 sq ft)
Main crops offered at the Market:
Root crops, greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and other subtropical vegetables, ornamental plants and flowers among others.
Brief Description by Karen Durfey:
  “The farm was purchased by my father in 1959. It was only worked part time until 1965 when he gave up his job in St. John’s to go full time farming. Originally it was a very small acreage but over the years with land grants he came to own 78 acres. We lease the other 200 acres from the government. We have never raised animals to sell, only for personal use. Mostly traditional roots crops have been grown. Since I came back to the farm in 1998 we have experimented with other crops.”
Times of Operation:
Vegetables: July to December
Flowers and Ornamental plants: June to July
Closed: January to May
Ripple Trail Farm produces mostly outdoors and some crops are grown in greenhouses such tomatoes and cucumbers. Some of its crops are started in greenhouses but are finally planted / moved to outdoors during spring/summer time. Many roots crops are sold at the Market until December.

Crops’ Calendar:

Production Practices:
This farm follows traditional agricultural practices but not necessarily organic. Some crops are propagated from their own seeds (especially their potatoes). The irrigation is mostly from rain water outdoors and drinkable water in the greenhouse. They combine the natural fertilization from the original soil solution with the addition of some fertilizer mixes rich in Phosphorus (especially for root crops outdoors) because of the weather and soil conditions. Tomatoes and cucumbers are fertilized with balanced mixes of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium as they are grown in greenhouses.
Pest Control:
As it is a big outdoor farm they use a combination of pest control with cultural practices and use of some pesticides if necessary.
More information:
Ripple Trail Farm is member of Federation of Agriculture, Horticulture Produces Council and SJFM Coop.
If you need more specific information please feel free to contact the farm or SJFM.
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