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Farmers’ Profiles: Hummock Farms

Name Farm: Hummock Farms
Location: Kelligrews, NL       Open Since: 2007
Farmers: Bob and Paulette Brake
Contact: Ph: 709-834-4099 / 709-682-2584
Email: r.brake@nl.rogers.com
Area used: 30 Acres outdoors and 250sq.ft greenhouse
Main crops offered at the Market:
Cabbage, kale, carrots, cucumbers, rutabaga, potatoes, beets, squash, parsnip, beans, fennel among others.
Brief history of the Farm by Bob Brake:
““Hummock Farms was the result of a lifelong passion to interconnect with the environment. I spent 32 years working as lands technician for the Natural Resources Department of NL Government and when the opportunity arose to obtain a land lease the seeds were sown.
I was now a full-fledged farmer and when the previous lease holder cancelled, I took control of approximately 30 acres of which 2-3 were rough cleared. The farm at present has 12 acres cleared and 4 to 5 operating in various forms of production. My vision with Hummock Farms was that bigger is not better. I have worked to create a well balanced vegetable production farm with the minimum footprint on the environment as possible. The model that I felt was the best suited for Hummock Farms was the local traditional farm of my ancestors. The utilization of natural materials (kelp, manure, etc.) and organic practices such as gaming cover crops and plough-ins were going to be the farms trademark”.
Hummock farms is not a certified organic farm but the principles on which the farm is based, it is to produce a produce that is safe and not to endanger the well-being of our customers. Honesty is always the best policy”. Bob Brake  
Times of Operation:
Hummock Farms is a vendor at the St. John’s Farmer’s Market from July to December.
Hummock Farms start growing some crops in greenhouses in springtime (cabbage, kale, squash, cucumbers, kohlrabi, and fennel) but then keep growing outdoors until the end of the season.

Crops’ Calendar

Production practices:
The crops are watered by drinkable water in the greenhouse and by natural rain water outdoors. Mild fertilization is used in all the crops and it is based on Phosphorus and slight applications of Nitrogen and Potassium. The seeds are locally and nationally purchased. Some of them are certified organic seeds when it is available. Soil and media are locally purchased as Promix for the greenhouse and natural elements are incorporated to the fields such as oats, manure and rye.
Bob Brake says “Since NL soils in our region are high acidic, it is common practice to incorporate limestone into the medium to neutralize the soil for better production. Hummock Farms is at present making arrangements to take advantage of the availability of a source of crab shells and add this natural mixture to help the pH levels of our fields. This will enable us to get better and safer production”.
Pest and Weed Control:
The majority of the crops have a natural and clean pest control management. Since the production is mostly outdoors the use of two generic pesticides/herbicides are used only when is extremely necessary.
Community Involvement:
Hummock Farm is member of Newfoundland Horticulture Producers Council, and St. John’s Farmers Market Co-op. For more information feel free to contact Bob and Paulette Brake by email (r.brake@nl.rogers.com) or Phone call: 709-834-4099 / 709-682-2584