We’re moving to our new home on July 21, 2018! »

Our 2018 Season starts on June 2 at the Lions Club Chalet! »

Parking can be limited » Please consider walking, bussing, biking or carpooling to the market

Help us reduce waste » Bring your reusable mugs, tote bags and food containers

Grow our Space!

We’ve grown so much in seven years! In fact, the market has grown so much that our current space is not big enough. So, the Farmers’ Market will be moving to a new home in 2017.

This move comes with a cost. We, the Farmers’ Market community, need to raise $100,000 to help fund the new building. We need your support to get there. If 2000 market fans donate $50, we’ll reach our goal.

The new space at the former metro bus depot will give our Farmers’ Market more space for the whole community – vendors and visitors alike. We’ll have more space for meeting vendors, socializing with friends, eating tasty foods, buying great local produce, or picking up some neat art – all the activities that make the farmers’ market so great.

Our new space!

Every donation counts no matter the amount. To show our gratitude, all donations above $10 will receive rewards until August 29. Check out the perks!

To see how we’re doing, take a look at the progress bar on this page. That is how many people like you have already donated towards our goal. Please donate and be a part of this big move.

Thank you for taking this opportunity to support the St. John’s Farmers’ Market.Our new space!

* Images provided by “Fougere Menchenton Architecture


Will the move cost more than $100,000?

Yes, the project will cost more than $100,000 – that is the amount the Cooperative has pledged to help make this project happen. The City of St. John’s is leading the effort to secure major funding from all three levels of government to cover the rest of the renovation costs.

When will you move to the new space?

We are hoping to be in our new location for the start of the 2017 season. As with any project, it could be finished before or after the scheduled date.

How much larger will the new space be?

The new space will be seven times larger than our current one.

Where is the new space?

The new space will be located in the former Metrobus depot on Freshwater Road beside the Tax Centre, approximately one kilometer away from our current location. A 13-minute walk or 2-minute drive. Will the market run on more days in the new space?

Our hope is that we can run on Saturdays all year round, and to run a mid-week market as well.

What if you don’t reach your goal?

The board is working hard on a number of grant applications that will help close any gap that we end up with. However, the more support we get from the community the better off we will be in receiving the grants/funds we need.

What if you raise more than your goal?

Any leftover funds will be used as a contingency fund to help smooth out operations as we transition into a new space. 

You have until December to raise this money, why does the campaign end on Aug 31?

Winding down at the end of August gives us time to put together any applications we need to other funders to complete our contribution – and the earlier we get all the funding assembled, the earlier construction can start!

Will the St. John’s Farmers’ Market get 100% of my donation?

Fundrazr and the payment folks take a percentage, but 100% of the remainder will go towards funding the move to the new location.

Do I get a tax receipt for my donation?

No. We are a non-profit cooperative, but we are not a charity, hence we can’t issue a tax receipt. We do have lots of great perks!

What if I want to donate an amount that is not listed?

You can donate any amount you like. To donate $30, you can claim three $10 perks, or you can donate $10 and then top up your donation. If you’d like to donate $50 but would rather have five buttons, just choose 5×10. If you choose five buttons, you can’t claim the $50 perk as well.

How do I get my perk?

All perks will be collected at the market. There will be a table set up where you can collect your perks.

Can my perk be shipped?

If you live out of town and absolutely cannot collect your perk, contact us to arrange shipping. You will be responsible for shipping fees.

Do I have to take a perk?

No, you don’t have to claim a perk. Just click CONTRIBUTE, then CONTINUE, and enter any donation you like.