2016 Season: June 4 – Dec 17 at the LIONS CLUB CHALET. »

Parking can be limited » Please consider walking, bussing, biking or carpooling to the market

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For  Saturday, December 3rd, 2016 (subject to change)        
Name F A R M E R S
Murray Meadows Farm Vegetables grown without pesticides and using organic certified fertilizers.
Hender’s Organic Vegetable Farm This is our 4th year at the SJFM and we grow a variety of vegetables and herbs using organic farming best practices, and we have been growing organically for more than 40 years. We don’t use chemicals. Weeding is done by hand, insects are controlled by BTK, an organic farming approved biological control, and insect sticky tabs. Fertilization is with compost, manure, kelp, and organic fertilizer derived from corn. We will be in the process of seeking organic certification.
Hummock Farms Growing of rootcrops and a variety of local fresh produce
Oliver’s Farm Fresh eggs and locally raised poultry, pork, beef, lamb and turkeys.
Nagels Hill Agri-Products   Locally grown, herbicide and pesticide free produce – from the farm and into your kitchen. Nagels Hill Agri-Products grows vegetables, seasonal fruit, and fresh cut flowers at beautiful Mount Scio in St. John’s
Lester’s Family Farm Fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs, meats, poultry, pork all grown on our family farm. We will also have herbs, plants, soaps, cheese, and baked good available.
Coates’ Farm Starter plants including pumpkin, peas, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers. Later in the season we will have potatoes, beet, turnip, carrot, red and white onions, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, green yellow and purple beans, peas, tomatoes, green and yellow zucchini, bok choy, spaghetti squash, butternut squash, and cucumbers. We also have cage free farm fresh brown eggs.
Fire Hill Farms We have a family run farm and strive to produce fresh, high quality produce. This season we have included specialty coloured beet, carrot and red brussel sprouts to our variety of root crops.
Barking Kettle Barking kettle is a small farm located in beautiful Torbay, Newfoundland. We specialize in fresh and potted herbs, vegetables, jams, jelly’s, pickles and hot sauces.
Bloom’n Greens  Fresh, organic micro greens and seasonal vegetables.
B A K ED    G O O D S
Gingerly Traditional czech decorative gingerbread cookies, houses, 3D trees, tree ornaments. Gluten free gingerbread also available.
Megan’s Preserves and Treats My products include preserves such as beets,carrot relish,mustard pickles done with regular sugar and for anyone who is diabetic.salsa,red pepper jelly and a wide variety of jams including Newfoundland berries.also cakes and cookies.
Stella’s Kitchen White bread. Whole wheat bread. Raisin bread. Plain tea buns. Raisin tea buns. Cranberry tea buns. Cherry tea buns. Orange coconut tea buns.
Gluten Free Treasures Gluten and nut free allergy friendly baked goods.
P R E P A R E D    F O O D
 The Waffle Lady Fresh waffles with homemade fruit toppings.
Jewish Deli Hot food and preserves vendor: Cured meats, specifically cured/smoked beef brisket served as a sandwich; Potato/onion pastries known as ‘knishes’, containing these ingredients or various smoked/cooked vegetables; Mason jar pickled preserves and mustard products including: dill pickles turnip beets cranberries asparagus lemons mustard, specifically ‘deli mustard’.
The Jam Lady (Serendipity) Most people know Sarah MacAulay as the inventor of screech marmalade, jumble berry jam (16 local berries!) and rainbow pepper jelly. Sarah makes over 50 varieties of seasonal homemade jams, jellies, chutney, marmalade, salsa and preserves using local foods where available and all original recipes.
Jyoti Pansare Samosas and Onion Kachoris. Paintings, wall hangings, sacerves, skirts and papier mache bowls.
Curry Delight Masala (spicy) chicken Butter Chicken Chicken Korma Plain and spicy rice Spinach Potato Curry Chick Peas Curry Lentils curry Potato Pocket
Indian Food (Fatima Khan) Butter chicken, mixed vegetables, daal, chick peas, kebab, samosa meat and vegetables, rice, naan, Indian sweets.
Multi Ethnic Food Kitchen (Zainab Jerret) Prepared multi ethnic food from many regions or countries around the world including: Jamaica, China, India, Nigeria, Morocco, Ethiopia, Columbia, Argentina, Kenya, Trinidad, Haiti, South Africa, Colombia, Ghana, Cameroon and more. The prepared food include: Jerk Chicken, Jallof Rice, Stuffed Chicken Breasts, Coconut Chicken, Butter Chicken, Curry Chicken, Biryani Rice, Vegetable Samosa, Jamican Beef Patties, Fried Plantains, Chicken Kababs, Rice Noodles, Couscous, etc.
 S P E C I A L T Y   F O O D
Trinity Coffee Company A brand new, small batch, roast on demand coffee roasting company located in Trinity, Newfoundland. Also, jams (made with local berries) and some baked goods.
The Blue Box Pantry Prepackaged dry ingredients for homemade soups. Includes all the seasonings, spices, and bases for a variety of delicious recipes. Just add water, fresh veggies and meat (optional).
 Condiments by Steve Curtis Highest quality, lovingly made preserved chutneys, freshly milled gourmet mustards, exotic spice marinades and specialized condiments.
Chinched Bistro We will be selling artisan sausages, pates and terrines made in a fully licensed kitchen. Each item will be prepared by a red seal certified chef.
Goodwater Seafoods Locally produced smoked salmon and seafood products.
Five Brothers Artisan Cheese Variety of cheese and delicious treats.
Spindrift Swirl Fine Marshmallows Handmade marshmallows from high-quality ingredients (pure cane sugar and kosher gelatin). Most are flavoured with fruit, spice infusions, or natural flavours, and additional varieties are constantly in development. Drop by and see what’s new this week!
  S P E C I A L    I T E M S
Kelp Me! Kelp Me! is a line of all natural skin and hair care products that are infused with nutrient-rich Newfoundland seaweed extracts. All products are created by hand with ingredients like pure essential oils, coconut oil, olive oil, and beeswax. Products include soaps, shampoos, face creams, body moisturizers, scrubs, and more!
 Designs by Riva Delicate beaded jewellery: necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and mini bags, handmade with care. Offering lightweight mesh chokers, wire-crocheted necklaces, bead-knitted coin purses, Swarovski crystal pendants and hand-knotted pearl jewellery, as well as unique stitched and handknit gifts.
The Purple Raven Boutique The Purple Raven Boutique specializes in artisan jewelry for women and men featuring Viking wire knitting, wire weaving and metal-smithing techniques. Jewelry items range from $20 and up.
 B O O K S  /  C R A F T  /  P H O T O G R H A P Y
Kyle Callahan Photography   My Photography, Toy Photography, and posters that I designed, packed and backed with foam core.
Dawn’s Creations All Handmade items using 100% polymer clay , all 100 % original designs.
PgP Photography NL photography
Foggy Rock Fibres Handspun yarns, hand knit hats, mitts, scarves (designed by me), handmade felt scarves, and felted pictures, needle felted animals and dolls. I will demonstrate hand spinning and drop spindling at the market.
Minnie Ann Piercey Home made Knitted items, scarfs, caps
Folk Hats Handmade crocheted hats and other knit and crocheted clothing.
Boulder Publications Newfoundland and Labrador authored books.
SweetPea Designs Fused glass sun catchers and Jewellery.
 Gerald Clancey  Tole painted, hand crafted wood and glassware
OCD CROCHET – Obsessive Crochet Diva My work varies from innovative twists on popular fashions such as cowls, hats, and booties, to items inspired by my children’s favorite toys and activities, and all the way to projects that reflect our province’s cultural and natural heritage.
“Outports” I create litle “outports” houses using driftwood and things found on the beach. Each “outport” has a miniature clothesline, near the house.
 Mirth Publishing  (Author Scott Bartlett) Taking Stock – a novel with a focus on mental health. Winner of both the Percy Janes First Novel Award and the Lawrence Jackson Writers’ Award and  semi-finalist in the 2014 Best Kindle Book Awards. Finished with Life but Unable to Die – an omnibus collecting all 5 novellas in the Unable to Die science fiction series, about a 91-year- old man who discovers he is immortal. Flight or Fight – a new release and book 1 in the Out of Dodge dystopian series.
Refugee and Immigrant Advisory Council Inc. We will be selling various crafts such as cards, knitted items made by our volunteers and newcomers to St. John’s. We will also have promotional material for our organization such as flyers and pamphlets.
St. John’s Tool Library Putting the right tools in the hands of people who want to build, create and grow.” The St. John’s Tool Library will work like a book library, but for tools: tools will be on supply for access by members of the public. The library makes tools accessible to everyone, while reducing the number that have to be manufactured. There will be thousands of hand and power tools available for wood working, home repair, bicycle repair, gardening, landscaping and painting. Members of the tool library will primarily be ‘do-it-yourself-ers,’ gardeners, community groups, new trades-people, new home owners, and small businesses.